Welcome to Catja.com! This has been my corner of the web since July of 1999, however, it was time to sweep away the old threads and begin a new pattern.  



Here you will find a gallery of my hand-crafted creations made from a variety of mediums. These include one of a kind fabric dolls, examples of embroidery and beading, along with crocheted, knitted, and felted creatures. There is also some “bling” A.K.A. jewelry, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Eventually, some of these things may be for sale here.

Eye Candy


There are images of my digital and offline art here.  Although my old web has been cleared away you can still find some remnants of the old site here under Stale with Fresh being my newest works. Most of my new works these days are from adult coloring books which I use for anxiety relief.

Word Play


Once upon a time I wanted to be a writer, so here is where I’ve uploaded my collection of essays, poems, and a new blog of my random thoughts. The power of the written word can be found under Armchair Activism which has numerous links to petitions and causes web sites.