Tomatoes Fresh From The Vine

Grow your own! Is the best advice I can give, because tomatoes taste the best when picked fresh from the vine. I never liked tomatoes until I grew my own and discovered how amazing they taste when fully ripened on the vine. If you can’t grow your own then try looking at your nearest Farmers’ Market. If you have no choice but the grocery store, then please STOP squeezing the tomatoes, because all you are doing is bruising the fruit. How to tell if the tomato has any flavor… smell it  Sadly, most store bought tomatoes don’t have any flavor because they are picked while still green then gassed to turn red. Why? Because green tomatoes travel better. Tomatoes get their flavor when ripened ON the vine, not to be confused with “vine ripened” which basically a marketing ploy and a fib. Remember don’t squeeze, smell the tomato instead. A tomato that doesn’t smell like a tomato will have NO flavor. 

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