½ head of medium sized GREEN CABBAGE (enough for 2 cups raw)

2 or 3 medium sized BEETS (enough for 1 ½ cups shredded raw) *

1 medium sized JICAMA (enough for 1 ½ cups shredded raw)

½ small RED ONION (enough for ½ cups diced small raw)


¾ cup CANOLA OIL (safflower oil or grape seed oil may be substituted) (NO olive oil)

½ cup WHITE SUGAR (artificial sweeteners not recommended)**

PEPPER (to taste about ¼ teaspoon)

KOSHER OR SEA SALT (to taste about ¼ teaspoon) can be skipped if not permitted in diet



Cabbage: remove outer leaves (2 or 3) and discard. Cut half cabbage in half, then cut into ¼ inch wide strips, break the strips apart in a large mixing bowl. 

***CAUTION*** beets have been used as a natural permanent dye for centuries, so it is advisable to place several paper towels on your preparation surface and to wear food safe gloves.

Beets: scrub thoroughly with a vegetable brush to remove dirt then peel the outer skin. Using a large holed cheese grater shred the peeled beets until you have about 1 ½ cups of shredded beets. Add beets to mixing bowl. Be prepared your prep surface will now resemble a crime scene. ;)

Jicama: remove outer skin then using the same cheese grater shred jicama until you have 1 cup, and then add to mixing bowl.

Onion: red onion diced small until you have about ½ cup then add to mixing bowl.


Stir vegetables until well mixed. Add red wine vinegar, oil, sugar, pepper, and salt. Mix slaw thoroughly, then place into tight-sealing storage container and refrigerate.


For best results keep at least one day in the refrigerator prior to eating. Slaw can be kept up to three weeks in the refrigerator. It gets better tasting each day.


Helpful tips:

The vinegar will ferment and cook the slaw, so be sure to stir it each day for even consistency. This is a very “juicy” slaw so it is best served in a small bowl or ramekin rather than on a plate.

This is a very healthy dish the beets are especially good for you, even though they are high in carbohydrates, because they lower blood pressure and detoxify the liver and blood. Even though the vinegar cooks the slaw the raw nutrients remain in the slaw.

*the beet greens are not needed for slaw but are also very good for you. They can be sautéed with other greens like swiss chard or spinach or added to juicer.


**sugar can be reduced if you are concerned about carbohydrates.