Knotted included crafts that have been knitted or crocheted.

A monster who enjoys cookies. Crocheted with pipe cleaner horns and felt claws. He seems to have escaped because this is the only picture I could find. So lock up your cookies he's on the prowl.

This is Gotham.

I am the night.

The bat signal *swoosh*

This isĀ Professor Chaos that I made for my nephew's friend. He was made by altering the colors of the Batman patternĀ and added felt eyes and blonde spiky hair of the Butters character from South Park.

Above is a slide show of photos of the Walt and Jesse characters from Breaking Bad. I made these for my husband who was a huge fan of the show. The pattern was designed by someone else, who gave me a copy for free.

My husband's friends has a bulldog named Meatball, so I made her a crocheted bulldog.