Misogyny: Election 2016

In the beginning I was supportive of the Sanders’ campaign, but I realized early on that he is a “one issue” candidate whose supporters were quickly starting to mirror Trump’s supporters. This and frankly, I am tired of old white men in the White House.

 If Bernie Sanders was truly supportive of women then why has he (personally) been silent regarding the rampant misogyny of his followers? His supporters threw dollar bills at Ms. Clinton and referred to her as a democratic whore, when the Sanders campaign is also funded by SuperPACs and large donations. A galling hypocrisy. Is no one reading the numerous media articles about the threats of physical violence including death threats towards children, , from Sanders supporters, at the Nevada caucuses? Did he himself speak out and say it was wrong? No, a member of staff released a statement. That’s just not good enough. I expect this kind disrespectful behavior from the Trump campaign, for so many reasons, but I have been continually disappointed with “tone” of the Sanders campaign.

To hear women are continuing to support the Sanders campaign is particularly disappointing. Women especially need to look behind the curtain, listen beyond the sound bites, and recognize what’s happening here. Dig down and look at the root called “misogyny”.  You hear about women being threatened with rape and death for merely expressing an opinion and the attitude of “rape culture” that persists even in 2016. Why is this still accepted or tolerated? Nearly a decade ago that root was called “racism”. How dare a black man think he can become President of the United States? Of course, only the foolish would say that out loud. Even if you didn’t hear it, it was there festering like an infected wound. Did time heal that wound? No, it just absorbed more decay from misogyny.

Like President Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton is being forced to adhere to a higher standard of conduct than the white male candidates, simply because she is female. President Obama had to speak carefully so as not to appear “threatening” as an African-American man. Today Ms. Clinton must smile and be gracious or she’s labeled shrill and bossy. Hillary Rodham Clinton:


v  Graduated Yale Law with honors

v  Was the First Lady from 1993 to 2001

v  Was the first female senator to New York from 2001 to 2009


v  Was Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013


And yet she’s being called “unqualified”, Why? It is because she doesn’t have “balls”. Women do have “balls” or by their correct name gonads and they’re called ovaries.

Speaking as a woman who has  had enough of the double standards and hypocrisy women are inundated with every day, I say… FUCK THAT!


It’s time to bring back the Equal Right Amendment #BringBackERA.   It is the 21st century and well past the time for equal protections under the law for everyone. We need the Equal Right Amendment (ERA) for all who are marginalized or discriminated against. Not just for those of the female gender but those of any gender or gender identity, regardless of the color of their skin or sexual preference.  We need the ERA to unequivocally state that ALL PERSONS ARE EQUAL and sexism, racism, and any other ism is discrimination and WILL NOT BE TOLERATED in our society.