Senator Sanders: Your silence mattered.

While I recognize that you are angry and you feel that you were not treated seriously as a Presidential candidate; I must tell you that at first I did take you seriously. In the beginning, I was supportive of your efforts and aspirations; however, over the course of your campaign that support eroded. Why? It was because of your deafening silence with regards to the poor behavior on the part of some of your supporters. You were their candidate and they looked to you guidance in how to comport themselves. The stand out for mention, being the self proclaimed “BernieBros”; whose constant misogynistic treatment towards women who chose to support Hillary Rodham Clinton was appalling, yet, you remained silent. When your supporters threw dollar bills at a highly respected former Senator and former Secretary of State, while shouting “Democratic whore” what was your response? More silence. Surely, you can’t be unaware that the word whore has been used for centuries to denigrate women. There was systematic cyber bulling and name calling by some of your supporters, and I waited for some sign that you objected to this behavior, that you would set a standard of behavior for your campaign, that you were indeed, presidential material. What did we get? We got your silence and I am telling you that your silence mattered. It saddens me to say, Senator Sanders, that your silence spoke volumes to me, other women, and feminists (both women and men). It showed us that you don’t “have our backs” and didn’t care when we are denigrated. In my opinion, you are not suited to be president or vice president of the United States. Being President isn’t just about what you say it’s also about what you don’t say.

Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton has shown herself to be well qualified to be President of the United States. She has stayed strong and gracious in the face of outrageous insult. She congratulated you on your campaign accomplishments when she could have stated your campaigns’ shortcomings. She rose to the occasion in true presidential fashion. The Democratic Party of which, I am a lifelong member, expected you to concede that she is the Democratic Party’s nominee, just as she did in 2008 when she united the party behind the chosen nominee Barack Obama. If you truly wish to be a Democrat then you need to #UniteBlue, for today’s Democratic Party promotes inclusiveness rather than divisiveness.


What is my opinion: The spirit of the United States of America is still that we are the land of opportunity and that anyone may succeed here. We are a global melting pot of cultures and peoples; we encourage unity while celebrating our diversity. We remain individuals dedicated to the ideal of freedom for all. All are equal here, regardless of your skin color, your gender and gender identity, your sexual preference, whether you are theist and non-theist, young or old, poor or wealthy, we try to strive for fairness and justice for all. It is never us or them, but We the People, all of us. We are individuals but we are not alone. Remember, it may be easy to break a single stick but is far more difficult to break a bundle of sticks. If these words speak to you, then I urge you to vote Democrat this November, because a Blue Vote is a vote for We the People.